Group Sales
Buy Courses & View Progress for Your Staff

If you would like to buy a course for one or more of your staff members and access their course progress, this is the right type of course purchase for you. *Bulk discounts are available!


  1. Enter a Group Name
  2. Add number of seats (you may buy one (1) seat if you know you will buy more in the future)
  3. Select Courses
  4. Click “add to cart”
  5. Proceed to checkout
Additional Notes:
  • !Important! After your first group purchase, you must purchase additional group courses via your  Group Management account.
  • If you make a group purchase, you are a Group Leader by default.
  • Group Leaders are not added as Group Members by default (they do not take a seat or have access to course) – Newly created Group Leaders will not be automatically added to groups as members. Group Leaders can still be manually added as Members after creation.
  • Additional Group Leaders can be added later by request.
  • After purchase, Group Leaders will be able to send out invites inside their  Group Management account.
Sorry, there are currently no Courses available for purchase.